chicken souvlaki in Sydney

5 Globally Popular Chicken Dishes You Can Try At Home

chicken souvlaki in Sydney.JPGAre you a chicken lover? Have you tasted few of the most popular chicken dishes of the world? There are a few dishes which will blow your mind for its finger licking taste and you will never be able to forget the delightful memory. But, you will have to find a good restaurant who can offer you authentic dishes. Here is a few chicken dishes which are globally famous for their deliciousness.

Chicken Paprikash:

It is a Hungarian chicken dish and a very common food in a meal. It is of the traditional dishes of this place. The meat is simmered for an extended time period in a sauce. Sometimes olive oil and yellow or red peppers are added.

Chicken Souvlaki:

Chicken Souvlaki is a very popular Greek dish which is grilled along with some vegetables on a skewer. This dish can be eaten any time. It can also be a good appetizer in a meal. You will find chicken souvlaki in Sydney at Greek fast food corners.

Chipotle Chilaquiles:

This is a traditional Mexican dish. It is made with shredded chicken, cheese, tortillas and chilies. You can also use canned tomatoes and canned chipotle while making the dish. It is one of the most delicious recipes of Mexico.

Thai Chicken Curry:

Thai chicken curry is a very light dish yet excellent in taste. It is a traditional Thai recipe which is famous globally. You can also add potatoes in the dish which makes it tastier.

Chicken Tikka Masala:

This is a very famous Indian chicken dish. Small chicken pieces are first roasted and then mixed in the curry. The curry is usually creamy and very spicy.


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