Greek restaurant in Sydney

Classic Greek Appetizers That Can Be Made At Home

Greek restaurant Sydney.jpgDo you like Greek cuisine and have a wish to make it at home? Well, you can as Greek dishes can be made easily at home with a little bit of technic and simple ingredients. In this content you will get some ideas to make easy yet delicious Greek appetizers within 15-30 minutes at home which you might have tasted at a Greek restaurant in Sydney.

Zucchini strips (Batter-fried):
Zucchini strips are finger licking good if it is fried with batter adding soda water in the batter. The whole process takes hardly twenty minutes only. You can have it as a great evening snack.

Sliced Feta cheese:
Sliced feta can be a great appetizers and it is one of the traditional dishes of Greece. It can be made different ways. You can take a slice of feta and add tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and oregano with it to make it taste better.

Dakos are generally served with drinks. You need a small piece of bread and on top of that you need to put a mixture of tomatoes and cheese. It is a very common appetizer in Greece.

Greek people love to have cheese in different ways. This is another preparation of cheese which is fried on a frying pan and served.

Roasted Greek cheese:
It is another classic cheese dish. You need to roast the cheese and serve it as an appetizer. It is one of the classic dishes and everyone’s favourite. This dish takes hardy 20 minutes to make.


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