Greek taverna

How To Spread The Word About Your Greek Tavern In Sydney

Greek taverna in Sydney.jpgGreek tavernas, not to be confused with a tavern or pub, are a part of Greek culture. In a nation where food is placed high in importance for its flavor but for the event itself, it’s no big surprise that tavernas have turned out to be famous world-round. Everybody wants a piece!

Eating at a Greek taverna in Sydney is not about sitting down, ordering a meal and eating it as fast as you can to get to your next appointment. While some lifestyles and budget call for this, Grecians in Sydney believe in sharing the food and experience together.

What’s on the Menu

Tavernas all follow the basic menu and no Greek menu would be complete without mezethes. Mezethes are small dishes that are shared around the table, to be enjoyed with with ouzo-anise flavored spirits-or Greek wine, for example, retsina-white or rose enhanced with a hint of pine resin. You can order a number of these tapas-style dishes to complete your meal or order a few to share as appetizers. Part of the fun is sharing things around the table (don’t worry reaching over) which sets up a conversational atmosphere. Some normal mezethes include: dolmadakia-grape leaves loaded down with rice, vegetables and now and then ground meat; horiatkiki-traditional Greek salads including crisp tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, feta cheddar cucumber and kalamata olives; and plunges, for example, tzatziki or pureed eggplant dip. Greek crusty bread or pita bread is served with dips.

In case you are a foodie or simply love to try new things certainly experiment with a traditional Greek tavern in Sydney. Specializing in ambience, atmosphere and cultural experience are epitome of greek dining. Eat cheese, olive oil and enjoy wine and ouzo and don’t feel bad for it. Take a lesson from the Mediterraneans and learn to really enjoy the experience of dining out with great company, sharing good food.