grilled octopus in sydney

Taking the sea monster right out of the oven

grilled octopus in sydney.jpgThe Greek have been feeding on the much dreaded monster of the deep ocean, the octopus. With time as I grew to become a foodie, I came to know that there is a bunch who have a fetish for this huge eight legged giant, not that they seem to admire it; foodies love to gorge on octopus meat. The first time I came to know about grilled octopus, I was sure to not opt for ocean grill. I started feeling nauseous. My folks told me, the meat is so delicious that I would not even be able to resist myself from having enough of it. Wow! I thought maybe they are putting up a joke in front of me. After months I completely forgot about the discussion we all had together; and then the most dreaded incident happened. Yes! I had actually gobbled grilled octopus meat. To my surprise I liked it.

Now, I am just crazy about grilled octopus and since I have been living in Sydney, whenever I get time, I make it a point to visit a Greek restaurant where I can feed my soul on this sumptuous dish. The country’s much loved fish taverns offer this delicacy and I often squeeze time out of my busy schedule to visit one. Here is an experience I want to share and it seemed simply amazing. Knowing not much about the menu variants in ocean grill, I had opted for what seemed like plain and simple to me, the grilled octopus. This had occurred sometime ago when I went to visit Athens. As the waiter placed the platter I found a miniature octopus grilled and seasoned with the fresh juice of lemon. Straight out of the charcoal grill, the meat was succulent. I have heard Aegina, the pistachio island of the Saronic Gulf, serves you mouthwatering grilled palate, especially featuring the octopus. The dish is a specialty over there. Now, this is again stirring the grilled octopus craving in me. Sorry folks! I need to rush.